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When it comes to politics, everyone has an opinion, even if that opinion is: they don’t like politics. A wise “unknown author” once said, “Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason”. The following list will cover some of history’s most corrupt leaders and politicians. The World Bank defines corruption ” as the abuse of public power for private benefit”. However, for the purpose of this list, the term political corruption will go further, to pertain to any form of abuse of power or deviation from a sound government system.

N.B. This list could easily have surpassed twenty-one.

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (a.k.a Caligula)
Years in Power: 37 CE – 41 CE
Roman Empire

Emperor Caligula began his political career as an admired leader, but took a turn for the worse after falling very ill in the first two years of his rule. Though he recovered, he became cruel and insane.  Caligula had his wife banished and his father-in-law, Marcus Silanus and his cousin, Tiberius Gemellus commit suicide. He tried to make his horse, Incitatus, a consul and a priest. He introduced heavy taxation to pay for his personal expenditures, created a tax on prostitutes and opened a brothel in a wing of the imperial palace. “Comments that he could easily order the death of magistrates, or slit the throats of lovers were common.” [Source].

William Marcy Tweed (Boss Tweed)
Years in Power: 1853-1855
Country: United States

Tweed was the third-largest landowner in New York City. He built his power in Tammany Hall through the appointment and election of his friends- known as the “Tweed Ring”. Tweed was convicted for stealing between $40 million and $200 million from New York City taxpayers through political corruption (based on the inflation rate of the dollar since 1870 of 2.7%, approximately 1.5 and 8 billion 2009 dollars).  The “Tweed Ring” managed to steal the money by faking leases, padding bills with false changes and paying for unnecessary repairs and overpriced goods and services bought from suppliers controlled by the ring. Tweed died in the Ludlow Street Jail in 1855. [Source].

Joseph Stalin
Years In Power: 1922-1953
Country: Soviet Union

According to official records that were brought to light after the collapse of the Soviet Union, under Stalin’s regime, approximately 30 million lives were claimed. 800,000 political and criminal prisoners were executed; around 1.7 million deaths in the Gulags (state security that operated the penal system) and some 390,000 deaths during kulak (independent farmers) forced resettlement. Stalin’s forced-famine known as the Holodomor (death by hunger) which took place in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine between 1932-1933 was one of the most horrendous crimes against humanity- considered perhaps, the most extreme example of the use of food as a weapon to eradicate a people. Stalin remains one of history’s most powerful and murderous dictators.

Benito Mussolini
Years In Power: 1922-1943
Country: Italy

Mussolini was one of the key figures in the creation of fascism. His foremost priority was the establishment of a totalitarian state where he would rule as the supreme leader (Il Duce). He was head of the Fascist Party, armed with his fascist militia, the “Balckshirts” who terrorizing resistance in cities and provinces throughout Italy. He would appoint himself in various ministries at once, as he see fit- from foreign affairs, defense, to public works, all the while holding the premiership. Mussolini used propaganda to advance his goals and “Italianize” the parts of the Italian Empire he was aiming to build. At first, Mussolini rejected much of Hitler’s ideas of biological racism- however, Hitler’s influence eventually took over and Mussolini systematically stripped Jews of their Italian citizenship, modeling his Manifesto of Race on the Nazi Nuremberg laws.

Maximiliano Hernández Martínez
Years in Power: 1931 to 1944
Country: El Salvador

Hernández Martínez’s military government was responsible for the murder of 10,000 to 40,000 indigenous people in the Salvadoran peasant revolt of 1932, led by Farabundo Marti. This massacre came to be known as La Matanza. His government was supported by the United States, and military aid and government grants was offered if needed. He also created a racial law to keep blacks out of the country.

Fulgencio Batista
Years in Power: 1933-1944 and again in 1952-1959
Country: Cuba

Under Batista’s corrupt and tyrannical regime, Havana became known as “the Latin Las Vegas”. He jailed his opponents, used terrorist methods and made fortunes for himself and his associates. Cuba became profitable for American business and organized crime with a close tie to Mafia boss Meyer Lansky helping to turn Havana into an international drug port. [Source]

Adolph Hitler
Years In Power: 1934-1945
Country: Germany

At least 50 million died under Hitler’s reign, including the eradication of over six million European Jews throughout the Holocaust. According to some scholars, the definition of the Holocaust should also include “the Nazis’ systematic murder of millions of people in other groups, including ethnic Poles, the Romani, Soviet civilians, Soviet prisoners of war, people with disabilities, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other political and religious opponents”. [Source]. Thousands were shipped daily to extermination camps and concentration camps, either to be killed, forced into human experimentation or manual labor. Medical experiments on large numbers of prisoners by the Nazis, such as mustard gas experiments- where test subjects were exposed to mustard gas which inflicted severe chemical burns, freezing experiments, sterilization experiments, racial morphological experiments and other non-consented and autrocious experiments were designed and implemented in order to help German military in combat situations, to aid in recovery of injured soldiers and advance Third Reich racial ideology.

Fransisco Franco
Years In Power: 1939-1975
Country: Spain

Hundreds of thousands of people died of hunger in the early years of Francoism. Spain under Franco’s nearly 40 year dictatorship was marked by oppression and strong Spanish nationalism. Any cultural diversity that diverged from traditional, Catholic, conservative values were forbidden and subject to strict censorship. The legal usage of languages other than Spanish, such as Catalan, Galician, and Basque were prohibited. Spaniards and particularly children at school were told that the Divine Providence had sent Franco to save Spain from chaos and poverty. Even before the Nazis’ concentration camps, General Franco’s forces (helped by Germans) organized extermination camps in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. [Source]

Mao Zedong
Years In Power: 1943-1976
Country: People’s Republic of China

Under Mao’s direction, horrible forms of torture and killing took place. Mao’s policies are widely attributed to the deaths of 40 to 70 million people. Authors Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, of the book Mao: The Unknown Story argue that Mao’s economic and social plan, known as the Great Leap Forward, exasperated a widespread famine that resulted in millions of deaths. All private food production was banned, peasants were ordered to work on massive infrastructure projects and livestock and farm implements were brought under collective ownership. During the Cultural Revolution, schools in China were closed and students were forced to be “re-educated” by the peasants and perform hard manual labor. Mao created a cult of personality and forced his image upon the Chinese people in his Little Red Book, a collection of his political maxims.

Ngo Dinh Diem
Years in Power: 1955-1963
Country: Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)

He was the President of South Vietnam and member of the Roman Catholic Church, yet in a country with an estimated 70 and 90 percent Buddhist majority, Diem’s policies were grossly religiously biased. His brother, Ngo Dinh Nhu was his chief adviser and any high level government positions were staffed by members of his own family. He pursued pro-Catholic policies that alienated Buddhists, imprisoning and killing hundreds of Buddhists alleging they were Communist insurgents, which finally persuaded the United States to withdraw its support from him.

Francois Duvalier
Years in Power: 1957 to 1971
Country: Haiti

It is estimated that Duvalier was responsible for 30,000 deaths and the exile of thousands more. His regime was marked by corruption and state-sponsored terrorism through his private militia known as the Tonton Macoutes. Through the late 1950s to the middle 1960s this force continued to grow and was responsible for terrorizing and assassinating anyone thought to be an opponent of Duvalier. In the 1961 elections Duvalier altered the ballots to have his name placed at the top. Afterward he announced that his victory gave him another six years in office. [Source].

Richard Nixon
Years in Power: 1964-1979
Country: United States

Nixon has been the only American president to date to have resigned office after being implicated in the Watergate Scandal. Five men were arrested for breaking and entering into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Office complex in Washington, D.C. on June 17, 1972. It was later revealed that this burglary was one of many illegal activities authorized and carried out by Nixon’s staff. Improper tax audits, espionage, illegal wiretapping and a secret slush fund laundered in Mexico to pay those who conducted these operations were brought forward. Nixon had also approved a secret bombing campaign in Cambodia in March 1969, believed to be the headquarters of the National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam. Despite much resistance at home, Nixon implemented the Nixon Doctrine, where American troops were replaced with Vietnamese troops. This was yet another unfavorable move for his image.

Mobutu Sese Seko
Years in Power: 1965-1997

Country: Zaire

Mobutu led one of the most long-enduring dictatorial and corrupt regimes in Africa. Despite the country’s rich resources, Mobutu amassed a personal fortune of over $5 billion
while the country sank further and further into poverty. He exercised power with an iron fist, publicly executing political rivals, coup plotters, and other threats to his rule. They would be hung before large audiences, such as the former Prime Minister, Evariste Kimba. Mobutu’s rule earned him a reputation as one of the world’s foremost examples of kleptocracy (rule by thieves) and nepotism (favoritism). The nation suffered massive currency devaluations. Rebel forces led by Laurent Kabila expelled Mobutu from the country in 1997. He died on September 7, 1997, in exile in Rabat, Morocco.

Ferdinand Marcos
Years in Power: 1965-1986
Country: Philippines

To this day, the Philippine government still pays interest in public debts incurred during Marcos’ administration. Handing out billions from the country’s wealth to friends, family (not to mention his wife’s 2,500 pairs of shoes), under his rule the nation was marred by authoritarian corruption, political repression and human rights violations. It was reported that when Marcos fled the Philippines, U.S. Customs agents discovered 24 suitcases of gold bricks and diamond jewelry hidden in diaper bags and in addition, certificates for gold bullion valued in the billions of dollars.

Nicolae Ceauşescu
Years in Power: 1965-1989
Country: Romania

During Ceauşescu’s tenure, he was able to borrow more than $13 billion from the West to finance development programs, however, this eventually devastated Romania’s economy. Determined to be completely independent of the West he adopted a policy of “depressing consumption to pay off the foreign debt”. In the 1980s, Ceauşescu ordered the export of much of the country’s agricultural and industrial production. Shortages of food, as well as heating, gas and electricity black-outs became standard of living for almost a decade. Meanwhile, Ceauşescu would be “shown on state TV entering stores filled with food supplies, visiting large food and arts festivals where people would serve him mouthwatering food while praising the “high living standard” achieved under his rule”. [Source]. The debt was fully paid in the summer of 1989, yet years of suffering directly prompted the Romanian Revolution of 1989; a week-long series of violent riots and fighting. In late December 1989, Ceauşescu was overthrown and later executed by a firing squad of over one hundred volunteers.

Augusto José Ramón Pinochet
Years in Power: 1974-1990
Country: Chile

Deep admirer of Spanish dictator Fransisco Franco, before appointing himself president in 1974, Pinochet ordered the slaughter of more than 3,000 Salvador Allende (then President of Chile) supporters; tens of thousands more were tortured or exiled. Two-and-a-half years after the death of General Augusto Pinochet, a report by the Chilean police task force charged with investigating money-laundering claimed that British authorities and the financial sector were complicit in hiding his massive ill-gotten fortune believed to amount to as much as £1billion. [Source]

Fidel Castro
Years in Power: 1976-2008
Country: Cuba

Castro was the primary leader of the Cuban Revolution. Many of his critics have described him as a dictator who constructed “repressive machinery” depriving Cubans of their basic human rights [Human Rights Watch]. After declaring Cuba socialist state in 1961, he abolished multiparty elections, closed down any opposition newspaper, and all radio and television stations were under state control. According to Paul H. Lewis, author of Authoritarian regimes in Latin America, “moderates, teachers and professors were purged. He [Castro] was accused of keeping about 20,000 dissents held captive and tortured under inhuman prison conditions every year.” Homosexuals were locked in concentration camps, Castro claiming they were “agents of imperialism. Though Cuba boasts some of the highest literacy rates and most effective healthcare systems in the world, it is also a repressed, authoritarian state with a poor human rights record.

Saddam Hussein
Years In Power: 1979-2003
Country: Iraq

Saddam led Iraq through a nearly decade-long war with Iran (1980-1988). Throughout Hussein’s tenure he aimed to purge Iraq of any Iranian influence as well as the eventual elimination of Shi’ism. He believed the Kurds to be a threat to Iraq’s survival, and his administration called for the extermination of “every living thing–human or animal”–in certain regions of the Kurdish north. Up until the 1990 invasion of Kuwait, Hussein was an ally of the United States. In 1959, Hussein was backed by a CIA-authorized six-man squad tasked with assassinating then Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul Karim Qassim. During the 1980’s, the Reagan administration offered Hussein financial credits that eventually made Iraq the third-largest recipient of U.S. assistance. However, at the onset of the Gulf War, over twenty different nations joined forces to defeat Hussein. Again, in 2003, coalition forces, led by the United States, invaded Iraq and Saddam was identified as the most-wanted man in Iraq. Hussein was captured by U.S. forces on December 13, 2003. On November 5, 2006, he was convicted of charges related to the executions of 148 Iraqi Shi’ites suspected of planning an assassination attempt against him, and was sentenced to death by hanging. Hussein was executed on December 30, 2006.

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo
Years in Power: 1979-Present
Country: Equatorial Guinea

Amnesty International and other human rights groups, including the UN, have cited gross human rights violations, torture of political prisoners, unfair trials as well as deplorable prison conditions. Medical analysis showed that detainees were given electric shocks from starter cables, beaten with rubberised cables and wooden bars, suspended with hands and feet tied together and had heavy weights attached to their bodies. Torture most often was used in an attempt to extract confessions or information, but also sometimes as punishment or to extort money.

Although Equatorial Guinea is a constitutional democracy Obiang’s Partido Democratido of Equatorial Guinea remains the only party in the country since 1987. His control over the media is rumored to be absolute. He is also criticized for nepotism, as he has appointed many family members to key government positions. [Source]

Robert Mugabe
Years in Power: 1980- Present
Country: Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s current President, Mugabe ranked No. 1 on Parade Magazine’s 2009 World’s Worst Dictators list. Once one of the richest countries in Africa, the policies of President Mugabe have been blamed for Zimbabwe’s state of economic chaos. Zimbabwe’s unemployment rate has reached nearly 80 percent, manufacturing is at a halt and basic foods are in short supply.

George W. Bush
Years in Power: 2001-2009
Country: United States

Bush Jr. has been a widely controversial figure, considered the most unpopular American president after Richard Nixon. After the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001, Bush announced a global War on Terrorism which has been claimed by many security experts, politicians and policy organizations to have been counterproductive and in fact aided terrorist recruitment, increased the likelihood of attacks against the U.S. and her allies. Oxford Research Group reported that a minimum of 62,570 civilian deaths have been reported in the mass media since April 28, 2007. 4000 U.S. military dead (March 26, 2008) and 22,401 wounded in action. Former Vice President Dick Cheney and Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld have often been accused of being the principal actors behind Bush’s policies and actions.The Bush administration has been highly suspect for government corruption, war profiteering and trillions of missing dollars.

81 Responses to “Twenty-One Of History’s Most Corrupt Politicians”

  1. Not Tony Says:

    I actually feel dumber for having been duped into reading this. Your English is horrible. Couldn’t you just have typed “I’m Still Mad at George W. Bush” 500 times and posted that, or would that have taken too much time out of your freshman orientation?

  2. 10100 Says:

    Great list, was thinking “Bush had better be on this” the whole way through. The little clown deserves to be strung up somehow, some good demonstrations of U.S.A. propaganda machinery during his term at least. The “Great Wurlitzer”, ?

    @notTony, shill much, dude? Syntax and grammar is all correct but maybe the compound sentences confused you?

  3. Hootle Says:

    I’d have to agree with the above poster about your lack of proofreading. Also, most of your examples are dictators or totalitarians, corrupt maybe, but I would think that your list would have been better if it had included actually examples of graft, bribery, buying of positions etc. Corruption, to me, is more about the underhanded assumption of power syphoning of state funds while maintaining a public facade of legitimacy until later found out.

  4. Sam Says:

    What a joke. Obama has done more damage, and put more criminals into office in this administration than Bush did in 8 years. Turbo-Tax Timmy in charge of the US Treasury and he can’t even pay his taxes?! 5 of Obama’s other nominations had ‘tax problems’ too.

    Just get over the ‘I hate Bush’ thing and move on.

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    […] Los políticos más corruptos de la historia de la… por thombjork hace pocos segundos […]

  6. Donny Says:

    Yes, there are some doozies here, Mugabe is at the top of my list. But as stated before, get over the George Bush hatred, Obama will make him look like an amatueur when he finally collapses in failure. I think Obama is jealous of Mugabe, even though he likes his tactics.

  7. Ed Says:

    Idi Amin? Pol Pot?

  8. Feo Amante Says:

    Wow! Thanks to your unabashed bigotry: Unamerican leftist= BAD. American leftists=GOOD (and left off the page), this page is one big FAIL! XD

  9. Barrack Obama Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been mad since 2003 because of the way the Obama Nation (formerly known as the Democrat Party) has stabbed our country in the back over the war in Iraq. They have lied about Bush, smeared our troops, and revealed our national security secrets on the front page of the NYT. I’m gonna be mad about that for a very long time.

    Now of course you have your Messiah, as formally proclaimed by Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan. Never mind that he is a radical socialist, a racist, and a traitor. No big deal that all of the America haters in this country and abroad are worshipping at his feet as well as the dumb masses (say it fast) of the Obama Nation.

    Nothing to get upset about there, is it?

    What the eff I am rambling about is the traitors who run the Obama Nation and the dumb masses (say it fast) who stupidly follow them.

    Bush DID NOT lie about Iraq. Our troops are NOT Nazi’s and cold-blooded murderers or just air raiding villages and killing civilians as the Obamniacs have accused them of. Loyal Americans DO NOT reveal our national security secrets in the NYT. ALL this the Obama Nation has done, not caring that they are aiding our enemies in the process.


  10. abdullah Says:

    whoever made this list is a damn biased person
    who can say Mao and Fidel Castro to b corrupt???
    they are the heroes of their nations…

    and no American president in the list!!!!
    is every american president the greatest leader in the world???
    wt abt watergate , monica lewniski and dont make me presenting lists…..

  11. Sanjeev Poudel Says:

    I liked the lists and introduction why are they so much corrupt and cruel.

  12. Wadjet Says:

    Abdullah, please learn how to read.

    George Bush and Nixon were on there…

  13. SAVIG Says:

    WHere the hell is asif al zardari the bastard….meo was not a corrupt politican….george w bush is …..

  14. SAVIG Says:

    WHere the hell is asif ali zardari the bastard….meo zedong was not a corrupt politican….george w bush is …..

  15. Anthony Says:

    Great job of adding Mao and Stalin to the list with Hitler. History will prove that Mao was the greatest murderer of all history up until this date. His forced starvation of peasants and outright murder of the educated and business classes will one day be recognized around the world.

    Castro and Bush were both corrupt, but might not belong on the same list with such outright killers.

  16. Muhammad Yasir Says:

    plz add our president of Asif Ali Zardari as a corrupt politician in ur website. He is an open corrupt in pakistan history.

  17. abdullah Says:

    my point is still that why mao and castro are in the last??
    They are regarded as eros by their nations by their hearts not under a tyrant rule…
    History is never going to prove what Anthony has said….

  18. salvado55 Says:


    Un hombre que entrego su vida entera a chile
    Un hombre que salvó a chile del comunismo fascista
    Un hombre que salvó a chile de una guerra civil
    Un hombre que salvó a chile de la más grande pobreza de Latinoamérica
    Un hombre que sacrificó a su familia por chile
    Un hombre que después de muerto, sigue sacrificado
    Un hombre que entregó a chile en forma limpia y democrática
    Un hombre que entregó a chile con la mejor proyección económica de la región
    Un hombre que salvó a chile de una guerra con algunos de nuestros países vecinos
    Un hombre que hizo nuevamente de chile una gran nación
    Un hombre que murió como un gran soldado, cumpliendo son su deber
    Un hombre que no fue cobarde, pues no se suicidó ante el acoso político
    Un hombre que dio la cara hasta el final de sus días.
    Sin siquiera nombrarlo TÚ ya sabes quién es.
    Aunque los políticos de turno lo odian, NUNCA, podrán borrar lo que este general dio por CHILE


  19. Chad Says:

    Just because you’re foolish enough to believe this crap doesn’t make it true. Next time bring a shovel; you just stepped in it.

    Calling Bush one of the most corrupt politicians in history would be the same as nominating someone like John Kerry for the top twenty [one] in an organization like Mensa. It ain’t happenin. Judging by the company in this list and by the outright lies and half truths in Bush’s “vita,” it’s apparent that this is nothing more than liberwock propaganda aimed at at further besmirching a man who (pardon me) doesn’t pack enough intellectual baggage to be that evil, let alone that interesting. This kind of stupid, adelpated, childish and emotionally handicapped attack is exactly why I can’t stomach liberals. They don’t deal in facts; they deal in pulp fiction and love the sensational. For these loons, the more outlandish the claim, the more factual it must be. Somewhere in the liberal psyche I’m convinced there is a disconnect between reality and fantasy. This explains why they can’t tell the difference. A couple hit’s shy of a snake? Very likely. Functionally insane? Absolutely! This also proves what I’ve been telling my libtard friends for years: Huffing gasoline fumes in a garbage bag doesn’t make you smarter. Neither does puking out the latest liberwock urban myth and trying like hell to pass it off as fact. FYI:

  20. Basil L. Riccomini Says:

    As a legal immigrant, I can say this despite what you believe, George Bush, should have closed our borders and expelled ALL illegal Aliens, BUT his policies did at least keep us safe from the moslems that would ,and will, try to destroy ‘We the People’. WE now have a muslim markist as president who will if he can desroy this country as Lenin once destroyed Russia, however we the people live in 50 semi autominsus Rebublics whose legilatures can legaly circumvent the laws illegally enacted to deprive us of our God Given Rights by the central goverment in Washington. At last and not least God Bless the Confederate States of America with which at least can endure.

  21. sex Says:

    mga gago kau kuraps people….
    u have no conscience ma2tay naxa kau..;.

  22. sex Says:

    u all fuck…
    i dont like corrupts people….
    like the philippnes politicians

  23. Individual Says:

    DICK cheney needs to be put on that list

  24. Henry Schubert Says:

    “Corrupt” definitely doesn’t mean “killed large amounts of people in the name of ideals based on twisted logic”. That being said, Hitler and Stalin don’t belong on this list. Evil and crazy as they may be, though i use the latter loosely, they didn’t embezzle state funds for their own personal use. On the contrary, both (Stalin only in the short term with his 5-year plan) revitalized their respective countries’ economies. Neither of them stole,as far as we can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, stole funds from their countries’ treasuries or taxpayers for their own material gain. Put them on a list of people who shouldn’t be considered for Nobel Peace Prizes or glowing reviews in history textbooks.
    As for Bush, put him on the list for being corrupt, but legitimize it. For instance, 20% of American Foreign Aid goes to Africa. 25% of this expenditure (5% of the total foreign aid) is used to provide Antiretrovirals to people living with AIDs, and sometimes prescribed as a preventive measure. These antiretrovirals are made by American Big Pharma, many of whom have friends of Dubya on their respective Boards of Directors. Now that wouldn’t be too bad, if it weren’t for the fact that Antiretrovirals cost >$20,000 a year and the foreign aid spends <.25% of AIDS in Africa budget on preventive measures for HIV, which is not only far less expensive, but far more effectve in the long run. We’d be better spending all the money on condoms and education about HIV/AIDS. Instead, Big Pharma continues to disavow family planning because “Africans are crazy sexual fiends and will always sleep around and won’t listen to what you have to say about contraception and HIV prevention”. On the contrary, the average African has half as many sexual partners in their lifetime than a given American. He is far more corrupt than Hitler ever was in my opinion.

  25. 1682 Says:

    I’m just A kid, so who cares what I say, but I couldn’t read this and then not share my opinion on it. yes, most of your list I completly agree with, but what I do not understand is how in your right mind you could put George W. Bush on here in the place of Omar Al-Bashir,or Kim Jong II. You put someone only trying to do good for his country, and hasn’t even cost us as much as President Obama in 8 years vs. 1 as opposed to someone who took control and has emphasised his power making all his choices for his own benefit instead of for his country like he is supposed to.
    A currupt government is when the leaders make the choices for themselves, not when their choices are the wrong ones (NOT saying Bush made the wrong choices either, only in your tiny little box-shaped brain it has.)

    I suggest you get you head out of your ass and look into what your posting. Know what your talking about before you go tell someone and make yourself look stupid.

  26. Opukio Says:

    I expected you to include Ibrahim Babangida who ruled Nigeria fromm 1985-1993 amassing so much public wealth of about $12billion and killing hundreds of Nigerians,a homo.

    Also expected on the list is the prostitute Sani Abacha who ruled Nigeria from 1993-1998 amassing huge public funds for himself.He also supervised the killing of so many Nigerians.

  27. jenny Says:

    are u guys insane???????
    where the hell is mohamed suharto??
    he was the most corrupt leader ever!!!

  28. Grim99mil Says:

    Where is Osama Bin Laden and Mahamad Ali

  29. Mick Russom Says:

    Pinochet, Nixon and Bush on this list. Rich. Have to love the progressive left wing communist rats in the world. No mention of say, Boss Tweed or Tammany hall. Saparmurat Niyazov? Yasi Arafat? KIM JONG IL? Pol Pot?

    I mean, this list is just meandering crap.

  30. Emil Says:

    When you wrote, “… Cuba boasts some of the… most effective healthcare systems in the world,” I realized you know little, very little, about Cuba. Yes, there is the best of healthcare FOR TOURISTS. Try living there as my relatives do, and undergo surgery without anesthesia. You’ll surely be singing a different tune. And, including George W. Bush while omitting Pol Pot and Idi Amin shows a tremendous amount of ignorance and incompetence on your part to write this list.

    A Cuban

    Though Cuba boasts some of the highest literacy rates and most effective healthcare systems in the world

  31. me Says:

    good try but a bit inacurate

  32. SL Says:

    you forgot to mention Joseph McCarthy
    look him up
    he had complete power in the US for three years by stating he had a list of all the communist in the US who have been leaking information to the Soviet Union. at the time the US was suffering extreme paranoia on the fear of communist. they believed anything when they were told that their neighbors were communist. McCarthy made up the list and anyone who stood against him was added to the list and trialed for treason. he also used the list to give an advantage to his political party. now you look up the rest

  33. riley Says:

    obama sucks

  34. Gee Says:

    Good Abdullah, i agree with you.
    Saddam was and still an Arabian , Nationalist HERO in Westren and Eastren eyes,,even if they accept it or not ,,RIP leader

  35. Gee Says:

    i mean RIP MAO

  36. Gee Says:

    Not all the listed are corrupted and there are many corrupted leaders which they are not on the list :)

  37. Fulvio Gandini Says:

    I think the most corrupted and corrumper western political man is Silvio Berlusconi, the bunga bunga italian prime minister.

  38. Rda3 ayree Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA thats the funniest thing I’ve ever heard…Bush fighting terrorism…He’s the biggest terrorist of all time and the worst president of all time…9/11 was all his fault and it could have been avoided easily but you Americans are too stupid to see that…9/11 was clearly planned by your own country just as an excuse to invade Iraq and that’s the truth.

  39. Jus Says:

    Funny how most of those who call Bush corrupt, aren’t even American.

    Everyone has their own opinion but that doesn’t mean that they are right and besides, they are just opinions.

    There is substantial evidence that 9/11 was caused by terrorists.

    Choosing to ignore the evidence is incredibly common of those who deny it.

    These people can’t be bargained with and can’t understand what it is like to learn.

    The crazier the idea, the closer it is to truth to them.

    Choosing to live in a world of conspiracy leaves you in paranoia and nothing more.

  40. Gura Says:

    where is kim jong il?

  41. Rda3 ayree Says:

    hop off Bush’s dick faggot and know what you’re talking about before you start saying stupid shit bitch

  42. raj Says:

    Hey, where is karunanidi and his Family not in the list 1,76000000000 this much of Sample money his Daughter and her boy Friend Raja has looted India’s Money.His Grand Sons Run Sun network in South India just started it with 1 Lakhs in 1992 now they own airlines,one fellow is Cabinet minister.add this Family also.

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  44. 10 Politicians Who Stole Fortunes « Business Says:

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  45. Dejavu Says:

    If Asif Ali Zardari is not on your list it’s mean you have incomplete record or he bribe you not to mention his name.
    I still don’t believe it that you don’t know that he is the most corrupt and illiterate person in Pakistan’s history

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Mussolini, Zedong, Hussein, GEORGE BUSH, Batis–
    Wait a minute, Bush? On the same list as HITLER? What are you, some kind of moron? I don’t really like Bush, but, I mean… come-ON! You’re the type of person that makes me not want to be a Democrat, what with all your irrelevant political interjections that you must add into everything. Grow up.

  47. Jimmy Says:

    List is accurate but incomplete.
    If you believe your leader should not be on the list, you’re the biased one.

  48. Nera Says:

    These should not be the list of MOST corrupt. It should just be SOME of the corrupt. Or the corrupted.

  49. TMG Says:

    OMG… what a lame article.

  50. EMK Says:

    I liked this quite a bit. No Brit appears on this list though! Berlusconi…should be No.1, Moi of Kenya? Ben Ali? Mubarak? Gaddhafi?

  51. Abhijit Says:

    hey the most recent addition to it should be A.Raja….for those of you who don’t know him, just google him. he and some other politicians are soley responsible for putting India under an unseen dictatorship.

  52. Browneye Says:

    hate to give u the bad news but Dubya will prob go down in history as a fairly good presidency. billy-jeff,obummer and the peanut farmer not so much, amazing all dems

  53. Hey you there Says:

    What about the ditator of Angola? José Eduardo dos Santos? I guess the list is not complete!

  54. wolf Says:

    add sonia ganghi and sharad pawar to the list

  55. Mitchell Says:

    You are all faggs, get a girlfriend and get a life, stop bitching.

  56. Chris Says:

    To the first guy, Not Tony: you’ve gotta be kidding me right. The guy goes through 20 definitive assholes and then when he gets to your precious poster boy of idiocy and repression, you see red. Pathetic dude, real pathetic.

  57. john Says:

    I am thinking all you know about Mugabe is what you read in western media right?

  58. John Keith Says:

    You don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.

  59. SpurredoninDublin Says:

    The title is “Twenty-One Of History’s Most Corrupt Politicians”, and quite clearly based on the title, it is not an exhaustive list.

    What worries me about this list is that it mixes those who are corrupt and lined the pockets of them and their cronies, with those who were just tyrants. My view is that “most corrupt” should be deleted and “worst” should replace it.

    Regarding the US President’s, some once said “Never trust a man that will spend $100 million to land a job that pays $500,000″. With the exception of Jimmy Carter, who I consider a decent and honourable man, but not much use as a President, I have to look back to Trueman and Eisenhower before I can find a US President that I admired and did not have to worry too much about the dictators they were supporting.

  60. Katerina Says:

    As the writer of this list offers in her introduction: “The World Bank defines corruption ”as the abuse of public power for private benefit.” I think it is a very good list even though it may have missed some.

    Bush lined his and his cronies pockets with his “war on terror” and indeed brought even more anti-U.S. sentiments down on the heads of the people he represented; made the U.S. more of a target; created an even more monstrous deficit; and was exposed in lies that should have caused the American people to demand his resignation.

    Obama has his faults, but he is the first truly moral President in my time.

  61. SpurredoninDublin Says:


    I have nothing against Obama, but I have come to appreciate just how divisive American politics can be. The right wing in particular seem to behave like they have vitriol in their veins.

    The irony of this, is that there are elections every four years, and when a Democrat in particular is elected, some of the working Joes then immediately see this as a threat to their aspirations to become multi-billionaires. The truth is that Americans don’t live in a Democracy, but in a Plutocracy. Hating Bush or Obama is futile because at the end of the day, they will serve the Plutocrats first and the people second. Things will only change in America once people realise that their hatred should be directed at the Plutocrats

  62. Antwi Michael Says:

    I want to know the wealth of Mobutu Sese Seko and how he spent his wealth.

  63. SpurredoninDublin Says:


    Mobutu was alleged in one account, to have stolen $6 Billion USD.

    Most of the money was hoarded into Swiss Banks, because quite simply, you cannot really spend that amount of money in several lifetimes.

    In my view if you really want to understand the pathological greed of this man, then I would refer you to an interview carried out by Alan Whicker, in which AW suggested that he should lend some of his (stolen) money to his people to help rebuild his country. His reply was, “I would, but they could not afford to pay me back”

  64. docashiq Says:

    A. Raja and gang ( former minister of Telecommunications) India 2006-2009
    35 billion US dollars in just three years in office. This is the hottest scam in India at present. Beat that!

  65. zamasoch Says:

    who are the next to earn good names in the history,that they should be cursed.

  66. mubarak/hosni Says:

    cluck like an egyptian…chicken

  67. Tammy Says:

    You are an idiot.

  68. Tammy Says:

    The person who wrote this is an idiot.

  69. IQBAL Says:

    corruption kill people though indirectly, they deprived the program of the govt. by stealing the funds, specially in the health care….so they must be punished by firing squad or beheaded….he he he he.

  70. IQBAL Says:

    alahuuuu akbarrrr!!!!

  71. MetalGoddess Says:

    Yeah, Bush was indeed corrupt. Suck it up and get over it. While Obama is no saint, Bush and his cabal are indeed criminals. So get over your worship of that guy. What was said about the jerk is spot on.

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